How to Prepare and Win your Motorcycle Accident Case

Careless, negligent motorists are mostly the cause of motorcycle accidents.  However, too often, there are no witnesses to the accident and the vehicle driver’s account of the accident is the one that will be accepted.  It happens many times that the motorcyclist is on the way to a hospital, in an ambulance, when the negligent driver is interviewed.

The police sometimes never even questioned the motorcyclist to get another version of how it happened.  The blame gets placed on the wrong person much too easily.

To win your case, we will need, and gather the following information:

  1. We will get all the police reports about the accident.
  2. Subpoena all the videos of the accident.
  3. Subpoena any videos made by traffic light video cameras.
  4. Subpoena all surveillance videos that buildings in the area might have captured on video.
  5. Subpoena the call made to the 911 number after the accident happened.

We will gather all the possible physical information, the videos, surveillance footage, and reports, that we can use.

We will also:

  1. Have our own special investigators interview all eyewitnesses if there were any.
  2. We will have a 3D animation of the accident to demonstrate to the judge and jury how the accident happened.
  3. Respected Motorcycle accident expert reconstruction analysts will give their findings.
  4. We will take measurements of skid marks, the area where the accident took place and also of the roadway.
  5. Photographs and measurements will be taken off the motor vehicle and motorcycle. The damage caused to each will help to find the point of impact and to determine the speed of the vehicle as well as the motorcycle.

Gathering all the information will help to build a strong legal case.  We will do everything possible to win a case when negligence was the cause of the motorcycle accident.