Our Lawyers     

Motorcycle accident cases can be easy, but mostly, it is anything but easy.  Even little things, elements, can influence a motorcycle driver much different than when driving a vehicle.  The dynamics are quite different, and a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents will have an advantage when representing your case.

Our firm can give you a choice out of several very talented lawyers, specializing in motorcycle accident law, that are ready and able to assist you.

Johnnie Collis:  Johnnie Collis is the owner of the firm and also the main lawyer.  He graduated from Stanford law-school and feels very passionate about helping families that lost a loved one due to negligence.  He has been practicing law for 20 years and specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Jacob Matthews:  Jacob Matthews graduated from the University of Georgia top of his class 13 years ago.  After practicing law for a couple of years with another firm, he joined Michigan Bike Accident Law Firms and specialized in motorcycle accidents and the lawsuits that follow.  He knows what to expect from the insurance companies and what the opposing lawyers will throw your way.

Melinda Taylor:  Graduated from Harvard Law School 7 years ago and joined our law firm as an intern.  She gained all the knowledge and experience needed to become the best lawyer to fight your personal injury case.  She specializes in no-fault insurance matters and also in cases of general negligence.

These are only three of our superbly skillful, professional and high in demand motorcycle accident lawyers.  Our law firm earned the highest ratings possible for integrity, professionalism and skillfully achieving success through winning verdicts and settlements in Michigan.