The Top 3 Questions and Answers Commonly asked after having a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents and the laws pertaining to it are far different from other motor vehicle accidents.  Here is a great guide of the Michigan motorcycle laws which you can look over.  It can also be rather confusing to figure out what kind of motorized bikes are considered to be motorcycles.  A two or three-wheeled, motorized vehicle with a seat that can reach a speed of more than 30mph is considered a motorcycle.  These vehicles also need to have specific equipment before it could be legally driven on a public road.

Because of the different laws and regulations that motorcyclists have to abide by, there are a number of concerns and questions you have to ask after being involved in a motorcycle accident.  These questions can be about injuries and settlements as well as the legal rights of motorcyclists.

3 Questions and Answers commonly asked:

  1. If the motorcycle accident was the fault of the motorcyclist and he or she has a lawsuit for negligence and personal injuries against them; will he or she be responsible for all the damages caused? The auto injury thresholds, saying that you need to be seriously injured, had to have sustained impaired body function or permanent disfigurement or be dead, before you qualify to receive damages, does not include motorcycle accidents.  Matthew R. Clark of the The Clark Law Office in Okemos, MI states that you should always speak to a local attorney since many states have different laws for motorcycles than for other motor vehicles.  It’s always best to stay informed and up-to-date on your local accident and insurance laws.
  2. What Type of Insurance is required when you ride a motorcycle? You only need basic third-party personal injury coverage.  The coverage should at least be the minimum set by law.  There are additional contractual insurances that you can purchase, but this is optional.  Extra insurance can be for personal injury protection, which can include wage loss coverage and medical benefits.
  3. Does the No-Fault-Law, only applicable on motor vehicles, mean that a motorcyclist that got injured does not have a legal case? If a motor vehicle, for instance, a truck or a car, was involved in the accident, the motorcycle accident lawyer will treat the motorcycle accident like any other third party automobile accident case, if the motorcyclist is insured with motorcycle liability insurance.

These are only 3 commonly asked questions.  If not sure what to do next after a motorcycle accident, contact a law firm that specializes in automobile accidents.  They will inform you of the correct and legal actions to follow.